Samhain Ritual Photos and Next Ritual Offering

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Frederick CUUPS Samhain Ritual last night.  Deep gratitude as well to all the volunteers who worked so hard to serve our community by creating such a beautiful, moving space.  Below are some photos from the altars and releasing fire last night.

Our next ritual is this upcoming Friday – the Veteran’s Day Blot (Heathen Ceremony). This ritual has limited space available, so if you are interested in attending, please email to reserve a space in the circle. Elk Ridge Kindred, a small Heathen group containing several Frederick CUUPS members, invites you to join us as we celebrate Veteran’s Day the Norse way. We will honor our fallen Heroes, called the Einherjar, and drink to their memory. A Norse Blot is a ritual that is characterized by passing a mead horn around 3 times, once for the gods, once for the ancestors, and once for the people. In this ritual, we will blot to Odin, the Einherjar, and to those left behind (us). Everyone will be given a moment to speak if they wish. Participants are not required to drink, but alcohol (mead) will be present at this ritual.


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