Bright Gatherings in the Dark Season

Upcoming Rituals and Events with Frederick CUUPS

Saturday, December 8th, 7:45 pm
Open Seidr Ritual with The Mid-Atlantic Spae Team

“Speak now, seeress, ’till said thou hast. Answer the asker ’till all he knows. . .” says the leader.  Seidr is a Norse-inspired divinatory practice wherein participants can ask questions of our ancestors, our gods and goddesses, and other beings. Participants take a guided journey to the entrance to Hel (the realm of the dead), then one person (the Seidr Kona or Madr) crosses into Hel to relay answers. The Mid-Atlantic Spae Team are the special guests of Frederick CUUPS and will be offering this ritual to the community.

The Mid-Atlantic Spae team was formed in 2016, and consists of a series of experienced spae practitioners that offer Spae work throughout the Mid-Atlantic. They have conducted rituals at Sacred Space Conference, Trothmoot, Winter Finding and Vanir Fest at Thor’s Hollow in Virginia, and other gatherings and events.

Saturday, December 22nd, 7:45 p.m.
Frederick CUUPS Open Yule Ritual

Join Frederick CUUPS for an open, family-friendly Yule Ritual! Yule, the Winter Solstice, falls on the shortest day and longest night of the year. Pagans welcome the rebirth of the Sun with feasting, dancing, music and festivities. Decorations include wreaths, boughs of holly, mistletoe, evergreens, and lots of lights. We will share a Yule celebration. Snack/dessert potluck to follow, please clearly LABEL any offerings with the ingredients included. Learn the songs and chants we’ll be using in the video below.



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