Samhain Ritual Saturday, Drum Circle and More!

Blessed Samhain!

Samhain falls at the time of year the light noticeably fades. At this time, we reflect on and review the past year and welcome the Celtic New Year. In this season, we also honor death as a part of the sacred circle of life and remember those who have died. We will come together to mark the end of the growing season and honor our Ancestors this Saturday, October 26th, at 7:45 pm.  Parents, please remember that grief is a part of Samhain – this ritual is recommended for ages 12 and up. Please consider whether your child will be comfortable exploring the emotions of loss and grief.

Please feel free to bring an item or items for the Ancestral/Remembrance Altar (you will get that object back). This year, we will have spaces for Ancestors, Beloved Friends, Ancestors of the Order (ascended masters, trailblazing witches – the Mighty Dead of Witchcraft), and Animal Companions.

Traditional dress for Samhain is harvest colors or dark colors (mourning dress).

Snack/dessert potluck to follow the ritual, please clearly LABEL any offerings with the ingredients included.

Learn the chants we will be using at the Samhain ritual in this video.
Monday, October 28th, 6:30 pm

Dark Moon Drum Circle

Deepen into the season, connect with the rhythm and learn some new grooves with percussionist Rachel Elizabeth. The Dark Moon Drum Circle will begin with a brief workshop to help people get comfortable playing together. A drum circle is a celebration of life, community, and music-making in the moment. Please bring hand drums, shakers and other hand percussion. A few small hand drums will be available if you do not have your own. Feel free to bring snacks/drinks for yourself or to share. Dancers welcome.
Sunday, November 3rd, 1 pm

Orlog, Wyrd and Luck

We are constantly building our own fate. Who we associate with and where we come from all come into play when building our metaphysical store of energy. Our decisions open and close possibilities. Our friendships influence the path we’re on. What’s the best way to build a strong energetic framework?

Orlog, Wyrd, and Luck are important parts of Heathen spirituality. This workshop will focus on these three concepts, how they are connected, and how to positively increase their influences in your life and the lives of people you choose to spend your time with. This workshop will be led by Chris Kackley of Elk Ridge Kindred and Frederick CUUPS. Recommended donation of $10.

The next session in the Blackfeather Mystery School series is Thursday, November 7th, at 7 pm.  That session’s focus is Magickal Crafting.  Recommended donation is $10, drop-ins welcome.

Other Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 9th, 7 pm: Legends Lodge Tavern
Storytelling and myth-sharing, BYOB

Sunday, November 10th, 10 am: Earth Centered Spirituality Service
Monthly gathering for like-minded seekers

Tuesday, November 12th, 7 pm: Indoor Full Moon Labyrinth Walk
Movement meditation on the canvas labyrinth

Saturday, November 30th, 4 pm: ThanksGaia: Cornucopia of Community
Potluck feast and celebration with Stone Circle Council and Stone Circle Wicca