Frederick CUUPS Ostara Ritual

Blessed Ostara!

Join Frederick CUUPS for an open, family-friendly Ostara Ritual on Saturday, March 21st, at 7:45 PM! On the first day of Spring, when day and night are balanced, Pagans honor that balance and seek it within while rejoicing in the stirrings of life in Nature.

A snack/dessert potluck will follow the ritual. Please clearly label any contributions with the ingredients used so that people with food sensitivities and dietary restrictions can make safe choices for themselves.

Our theme this year is planting. Before the ritual, think about what you would like to begin this spring. You are welcome to put intention into and decorate a biodegradable seed cup before ritual and bring it along, or decorate one of the ones we will provide. We will also have seeds and dirt available, but you’re welcome to take your seed cup back home with you and plant whatever you would like in it. If you have a black thumb or do you not have the option of tending a plant wherever you live, you can simply plant the container as your “seed.”

You can learn the chants we will be using in the video below.

Health and Safety note from Frederick CUUPS

It is currently cold and flu season and as you know, there’s a new virus running amuck on the world stage. It’s always good to practice safe hygiene – this is an opportunity to cultivate good habits on that front.

Frederick CUUPS events are open to all and take place at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick. The UUCF shelters a robust, diverse community of all ages. As a result, it’s good to remember that the spaces we are using and events we offer are shared by many people. At this time, please err on the side of caution when it comes to protecting our beloved community. If you are feeling unwell, please do not ‘push through’ in order to attend an event. It’s better to miss an activity than run the risk of getting other people sick.

When you arrive, if you have not recently washed your hands, please do so. There are also hand sanitizer dispensers mounted throughout the building. Please feel free to use them. Try not to touch your face and cough into your elbow rather than into your hands if you need to cough.

We have historically been an affectionate community and hugs are a common form of greeting for us. However, I would like to encourage some different expressions of affection. Elbow bumps are becoming popular and I have long felt that the art of bowing is sadly underrepresented in our culture. If you do want to hug someone, please get consent first (this should be standard practice anyway). Remember that it’s impossible to tell by looking if a person is immunocompromised.

At this time, we do not have any plans to scale back or cancel any Frederick CUUPS events. However, we will continue to monitor the evolving news regarding coronavirus and adjust our offerings to best support the health and safety of our community.

May you be well, always.



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