Litha Ritual this Saturday!

Blessed Litha!

Join Frederick CUUPS for an open, family-friendly Litha Ritual this Saturday, June 20th, at 7 PM!  As we appreciate all that is in full blossom around us, we will also contemplate ways in which we can harness our gratitude, and our creativity for change and healing. Change in our own selves, change in our communities, and perhaps change that will ripple out across our extraordinary planet.

For this ritual, you will need:

A central (white) candle, lighter / matches
An item to represent the Ancestors if desired
An item to represent Air (incense / a feather / clear or white item)
An item to represent Fire (ashes / hot spices / red, orange or yellow item)
An item to represent Water (a small dish of water / seashells / blue item)
An item to represent Earth (small bowl of soil, sand or salt / green item)
A ribbon, cord, string, anything that can hold 3 knots

We will be using Zoom, a video conferencing platform, to celebrate together. If you do not have stable internet connectivity in your area, using the call-in function for audio only can be more accessible.

Join Zoom Meeting

You can learn more about the ritual in the video below.


One thought on “Litha Ritual this Saturday!


    Hey there my mom just moved here from Asheville NC and she is looking for a group to join. She has been pagen for over 40 years. She was very active in Asheville. She is blind so I would have to help her with the computer and zoom.
    You can call her at 828 275 1744.


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