December Events with Frederick CUUPS!

December is here and Yuletide events are on tap! This month contains a fusion of in person and streaming programming as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Please join us as we stay connected and come together to honor the Earth, Gods, Ancestors, and Wheel of the Year.

Orlog, Wyrd & Luck
Wednesday, December 1st, at 7 PM
With Chris Kackley, hosted by Wyoming Valley CUUPS

Join Chris of Elk Ridge Kindred and members of Wyoming Valley CUUPS on Wedneday, December 1st, at 7 PM EST for a workshop on the Heathen concepts of Orlog, Wyrd and Luck.

We are constantly building our own fate. Who we associate with and where we come from all come into play when building our metaphysical store of energy. Our decisions open and close possibilities. Our friendships influence the path we’re on. What’s the best way to build a strong energetic framework?
Orlog, Wyrd, and Luck are important parts of Heathen spirituality. This workshop will focus on these three concepts, how they are connected, and how to positively increase their influences in your life and the lives of people you choose to spend your time with.

Click here for the Facebook event and Zoom link.

Blackfeather Mystery School: Crow Course
The 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 7 PM

The Blackfeather Mystery School is a full-spectrum training in Empowered Witchcraft developed by mystic witch Irene Glasse and spiritworker Caine Dreamwalker. The 2021 series is the Crow level, an intermediate training. Prerequisites include experience journeying and cultivating spirit allies, a good understanding of the fundamentals of witchcraft, and a willingness to practice class content outside the classroom.  Content includes sharpening Divination skills, Healing in both Witchcraft and Spiritwork modalities, Pagan Pastoral/Clergy Service, Past Life Reconciliation, Soul Retrieval, Dedicant Work, Psychopomp skill-building and more. Facebook Event here. Email for the Zoom link. Class is currently available on Zoom only.

Thursday, December 2nd, 7 PM: Creating Fetches and Energy Structures
Thursday, December 16th, 7 PM: Spirit Tasking

Donation Yoga for Advancing Beginners
Tuesdays from 10 – 11 AM

One of the best ways we can stay resilient and healthy is to exercise and cultivate mindfulness. These donation classes with E-RYT 200 Irene Glasse are open to individuals fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (two weeks past their last vaccination). At this time, masks are required inside the building. An Advancing Beginners class is most accessible to people who have some basic familiarity with yoga and are able to comfortably take low lunge (lunge with one foot forward and the back knee touching the mat), tabletop, warrior two and other foundational yoga poses. Previous classes can be viewed here.

Yuletide Decoration Crafting
Wednesday, December 8th, 7 – 9 PM

At the UUCF

Join Layla in crafting festive Yuletide decorations over hot cocoa! Class will be held in person at the UUCF. Participants are welcome bring their favorite craft or scrapbook paper, scissors, and marshmallows, but supplies will otherwise be provided.

Masks are required, worn correctly over both nose and mouth, for individuals over 2 years of age.
Recommended donation of $10.

To donate, please either bring cash or visit
Click: To Donate Click Here
Scroll down to Adult Spiritual Enrichment. Type in your donation amount, then write “Yule Crafts” in the memo box.

Facebook event here.

December Earth Centered Spirituality Service
Sunday, December 12th, 12 PM

At the UUCF in the Chapel

Join members of the Frederick CUUPS community for our monthly Earth Centered Spirituality Service. This time provides an opportunity to focus on the Sixth Source of Unitarian Universalism: “Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.”

Masks are required, worn correctly over both nose and mouth, for individuals over 2 years of age. Recommended donation of $5.

To donate, please either bring cash or visit

Click: To Donate Click Here

Scroll down to Adult Spiritual Enrichment. Type in your donation amount, then write “FCUUPS” in the memo box.

Facebook event here.

Family Fun Yule Celebration
Friday, December 17th, 7 PM

At the UUCF in the Chapel

Come in your comfiest PJs for a night of winter fun for the family! We’ll craft some Yule inspired gifts and ornaments. Please bring a cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper for each person who wants to make a craft.

While we craft we’ll learn about Yule and how it’s celebrated. Then to end the night, we’ll read a story and enjoy some hot cocoa so bring something cozy to cuddle with. This is a family event so grown ups are encouraged to stay. Don’t have a kiddo but like to craft and hear stories? No kiddo required, come join us! Please RSVP to Renee at Naewimer(at)gmail(dot)com for supply purchasing.

Masks are required, worn correctly over both nose and mouth, for individuals over 2 years of age. Facebook event here.

Yule Ritual & Used Magickal Gift Exchange
Saturday, December 18th, 7 PM

At the UUCF in the Sanctuary

Join Frederick CUUPS for an open, family-friendly Yule Ritual and Used Magickal Gift Exchange.

This year’s ritual begins at 7 PM. We will each be crafting an object to hold the light of the sun safely within our homes til the end of winter. Many supplies will be provided, but if you have ribbon, greenery, or other supplies you’d like to donate, feel free to bring them with you.

Altars (with attendants) for the sun deities of different pantheons will be nearby. After creating your sun emblem, you can take it to any (or all!) of the altars of your choosing for a blessing.

For the Used Magickal Gift exchange, many of us own a previously-loved but now underused magickal tool. This holiday season, Frederick CUUPS would like to invite you to participate in a Magickal Gift Exchange that helps our treasures find new owners. To participate, bring your wrapped previously-owned magickal tool (no books please, physical items only – no services) with you to the ritual. There will be tables set up in the Atrium at the UUCF. Please tell the attendant whether your gift should go onto the $10 – $30 value or over $30 value table. Drop off your present and pick a new-to-you present up from the same table you contributed to before you go. Please feel welcome to include a note with your gift if you’d like the next owner to know anything about the magickal tool inside the wrapping (origin, history, etc). If your magickal tool is specific to one particular Path in paganism, please label it so it goes to a fitting home (i.e. deity figurines, divinatory tools that are Path-specific.) If you have any questions, please email

We will also have a Free To A Good Home table available. Any objects placed there must be collected by their owners if they are not claimed.

$5 recommended donation. Facebook event here.

New Year’s Day Purification Ritual
Saturday, January 1st. Please arrive between 5 and 7:30 PM

At the UUCF in the Sanctuary

Enter 2022 from a centered place of peace. Release the energies of the last year, and set a harmonious tone for the year to come. Sacred Space will be held from 5 to 8 pm in the Sanctuary of the UUCF. Please arrive by 7:30 PM at the latest.

Attendees are invited to move through the Elements, releasing the shadows of 2021 as they go. Elemental Guides will be available at each Quarter to offer a way to move into the energy of a new year. End your Purification journey with a time of meditation to receive any messages for the New Year.

This ritual is an opportunity to move through Sacred Space. As such, there is no set start and finish time–it does not have a formal ritual structure. Your journey will be self-guided. We will hold the space open from 5 to 8 pm, and you should expect to spend somewhere between a half hour to an hour on your journey.

Please remember that this is a very popular ritual. There is a single path to follow, so at ‘peak’ times (generally around 7 pm), there can be a line. Please plan to arrive early or after the ‘peak’ and please be patient with the process of the people around you.

All are welcome to attend. This ritual is held in silence and includes written prompts. As a result, we recommend this ritual for ages 12 and up.

Masks are required, worn correctly over both nose and mouth, for all attendees.

Recommended donation of $5. Facebook event here.


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