Labyrinth Cleanup Rescheduled

September Labyrinth Clean-up
Friday, September 9th, 5:30 PM

At the UUCF

Update: Our Labyrinth cleanup was supposed to be Wednesday, but the weather tanked our plans. Instead, if you would like to help, please bring your string trimmer on Friday at 5:30/6 (whenever you can arrive – Irene and Ash will be there at 5:30). We’ll tidy up the labyrinth, take a break for dinner, and then enjoy the labyrinth walk together 🙂

Our September outdoor Labyrinth walk is Friday, September 9th, which means it’s time to tidy up the Labyrinth! If you would like to help, please join us. This service to the community is not glamorous, but it is absolutely vital. With four volunteers, it only takes an hour to do.

Remember to wear clothes you can get dirty in and sunblock/bug spray if you need it 🙂

The most effective way to clear the stones of the Labyrinth is with a string trimmer. If you have one you can bring along, that would be awesome. We also have a few that are available for use. Spades and shears can also be useful for tidying the beds in the Labyrinth courtyard and clearing dirt where it’s piled up on the stones of the Labyrinth. Facebook event here.


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