April Events with Frederick CUUPS

Spring is here and Frederick CUUPS is offering wonderful ways to connect, deepen, learn, and transform! This month sees the return of our outdoor Full Moon Labyrinth Walk and Drum Circle events! From workshops to services to crafting circles, there are so many ways to Pagan it up this month. Scroll down for individual event listings. See you soon! An up-to-date listing of events is always available at our events page as well as on the Events section of our Facebook page. Scroll down to see everything on the calendar this month.

April Labyrinth Clean-up
Sunday, April 2nd, 6 PM
At the UUCF

Our April outdoor (hopefully, depending on the weather) Labyrinth walk is Friday, April 7th, which means it’s time to tidy up the Labyrinth! If you would like to help, please join us. This service to the community is not glamorous, but it is absolutely vital. With four volunteers, it only takes an hour to do.

Remember to wear clothes you can get dirty in and sunblock/bug spray if you need it 🙂

The most effective way to clear the stones of the Labyrinth is with a string trimmer. If you have one you can bring along, that would be awesome. We also have a few that are available for use. Spades and shears can also be useful for tidying the beds in the Labyrinth courtyard and clearing dirt where it’s piled up on the stones of the Labyrinth.

Donation Yoga for Advancing Beginners
Mondays at 1 PM
At the UUCF

One of the best ways we can stay resilient and healthy is to exercise and cultivate mindfulness. These donation classes with E-RYT 200 Irene Glasse are open to individuals fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (two weeks past their last vaccination/booster). At this time, masks are optional. An Advancing Beginners class is most accessible to people who have some basic familiarity with yoga and are able to comfortably take low lunge (lunge with one foot forward and the back knee touching the mat), tabletop, warrior two and other foundational yoga poses. Previous classes can be viewed here.

Chair and Accessible Yoga
Thursdays at 2 PM
At the UUCF Chapel

Join us for chair and adaptive yoga that is truly accessible to every body. Open to teens and adults that are looking to grow a yoga and meditation practice but find traditional classes uncomfortable or out of reach. Variations will be offered from the mat or a chair to allow you to gain the most from your practice. This is a great class for those recovering from an injury or seeking to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Some blocks, straps and mats will be provided, but please bring your own if you have them. Nae is certified in adaptive and trauma informed yoga and has completed her 200hr RYT certification.

Recommended Donation is $5.

April Full Moon Labyrinth Walk & Drum Circle
Friday, April 7th, 7:30 PM
At the UUCF

Come enjoy the beauty and peace of the Labyrinth by the light of the full moon! If the weather is good, this will be an outdoor, drumming walk. In the event of rain, we take our labyrinth practice indoors, into the Chapel and our canvas labyrinth.

The first half hour will be a quiet walk, the remainder drumming, so feel free to bring hand drums and other percussion instruments.

If you haven’t walked a Labyrinth before, there is no ceremony or ritual. A Labyrinth Walk is safe, open Sacred Space for personal exploration. Please plan to arrive by 8 pm to allow enough time for your walk. For an in-depth article on Labyrinths and what to expect at one of our open walks, visit this link: https://pinkpaganpriestess.wordpress.com/…/an…/

Recommended donation of $5. Please help support Labyrinth Walks at the UUCF.

FCUUPS Kids Family Potluck and Grown-ups Game Night
Saturday, April 8th, 6 PM
At the UUCF

Join FCUUPS Kids for a family potluck (sign up genius will be available soon to avoid a whole meal of cookies 😸) and games. We will all eat together. After the potluck, the children will move to their own space with childcare provided by donation. They are welcome to bring their own games to share and come in their PJs for a fun night with friends.
Grown ups are encouraged to bring a card or board game to share. Depending on the number of players and games available, we’ll determine what to play once we get there. We’ll have the space to have multiple games going at once if we have enough players. BYOB is welcome in moderation. Please remember this is an all ages family event.

FCUUPS Kids & Teens offers workshops and rituals appropriate for school age children elementary through high school. 

Earth Centered Spirituality Service
Sunday, April 9th, 12 PM
At the UUCF

Join members of the Frederick CUUPS community for our monthly Earth Centered Spirituality Service. This time provides an opportunity to focus on the Sixth Source of Unitarian Universalism: “Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.”

Recommended donation of $5. Please either bring cash to the Earth Service or donate online.

To donate, visit http://www.frederickuu.org/about/Support_UUCF

Click: To Donate Click Here

Scroll down to Adult Spiritual Enrichment. Type in your donation amount, then write “FCUUPS” in the memo box

Shadow Work Circle
Second Tuesday of the month at 7 PM
At the UUCF

Join Renee and others who are doing their own Shadow Work in a safe space for sharing and learning from each other. The Shadow Work Circle meets once a month in a facilitated but not heavily structured meeting. Come prepared to discuss your own work or just to listen and be in community.

Recommended donation of $5/session.

FCUUPS Kids and Teens: Introduction to Working With Energy
Sunday, April 16th, 3 PM
At the UUCF

FCUUPS Kids & Teens will meet for our first workshop of the year. This year we are learning about energy and how it is used in pagan practices. We’ll discuss the different views of cultures, communities, belief systems and practitioners that apply energy to their magical and spiritual workings.

FCUUPS Kids & Teens offers workshops and rituals appropriate for school age children elementary through high school. 

Stitch-N-Witch: Crafting and Conversation
Mondays from 5 – 7 4/17
At the UUCF

Grab your yarn and knitting needles, your crochet hooks or embroidery, your paints or markers or WHATEVER you like to craft with and join the Stitch-n-Witch. Hosted by Eira at the UUCF, this group meets monthly for crafting and conversation.

Got some crafting supplies you know you’re not going to use? The Stitch-n-Witch also offers space for craft supply swapping.

Recommended donation of $5.

Chanting: Engage and Create Workshop with Alyssa Yeager
Monday, April 24th, 7 PM
At the UUCF

Do you enjoy listening to chants and would like to be more involved in creating chant music? Participants will learn traditional and modern chants while exploring movement, harmonies, rhythm, and rounds. No experience necessary. Everyone will be encouraged to participate at the level where they feel comfortable. The workshop will conclude with an opportunity for the group to create a chant together!

If possible, bring your own hand drum or percussion instrument. A selection of percussion instruments will be provided.

Recommended donation: $15. To donate, visit http://www.frederickuu.org/about/Support_UUCF

Click: To Donate Click Here

Scroll down to Adult Spiritual Enrichment. Type in your donation amount, then write “FC – chanting” in the memo box.

Alyssa Yeager: Alyssa is a board-certified music therapist and professional musician with over 20 years experience in these fields. She has released 7 full length albums of original music plus the meditation album, “Meditations for Geeks”. Alyssa’s goal is always to create an engaging experience for the audience and workshop participants.

Following the workshop will be a performance by Rhiannon’s Lark (Alyssa’s stage name). Alyssa Yeager is known for her magickal, mystical story-telling. She weaves a tapestry of personal tales, myths, and moral choices in a chaotic world with her folk style and instrumentation. This geek-goddess-girl tackles everything from krakens to ethical dilemmas with insightful lyrics, gorgeous vocals, and gentle humor.


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