May Events with Frederick CUUPS

Chair and Accessible Yoga
Thursdays at 2 PM
At the UUCF Chapel

Join us for chair and adaptive yoga that is truly accessible to every body. Open to teens and adults that are looking to grow a yoga and meditation practice but find traditional classes uncomfortable or out of reach. Variations will be offered from the mat or a chair to allow you to gain the most from your practice. This is a great class for those recovering from an injury or seeking to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Some blocks, straps and mats will be provided, but please bring your own if you have them. Nae is certified in adaptive and trauma informed yoga and has completed her 200hr RYT certification.

Donations welcome but not required

Open Beltaine Ritual
Saturday, May 6th, 7 PM
At the UUCF

Join Frederick CUUPS for an open, family-friendly Beltaine Ritual! This year’s ceremony will feature sacred fires as well as a Maypole dance. Drums and other hand percussion are welcome! Learn the chant we will be using here:

A snack/dessert potluck will follow the ritual. Please remember to clearly LABEL your offering with the ingredients in it so folks with food restrictions can make safe choices for themselves.

Donations welcome but not required

FCUUPS Kids Beltaine Ritual
Sunday, May 7th, 3 PM
At the UUCF

Join us as we explore Beltaine and participate in a teen and child centered ritual. A grownups lounge is available for parents and guardians to relax while the children are in the ritual.

FCUUPS Kids & Teens offers workshops and rituals appropriate for school age children elementary through high school. 

Donation Yoga for Advancing Beginners
Mondays at 1 PM (no class May 1st)
At the UUCF

One of the best ways we can stay resilient and healthy is to exercise and cultivate mindfulness. These donation classes with E-RYT 200 Irene Glasse are open to individuals fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (two weeks past their last vaccination/booster). At this time, masks are optional. An Advancing Beginners class is most accessible to people who have some basic familiarity with yoga and are able to comfortably take low lunge (lunge with one foot forward and the back knee touching the mat), tabletop, warrior two and other foundational yoga poses. Previous classes can be viewed here.

Open Blót (Heathen Ceremony)
Saturday, May 13th, 6 PM
At the UUCF

Join Elk Ridge Kindred for a blót (pronounced blōt), which is a traditional way of toasting and honoring Deity and our ancestors. Elk Ridge Kindred is a small local group who practice the Norse traditions of Heathenry. While open to the public, blóts require supplies, so we are asking that people make reservations by emailing ElkRidgeKindred(at)gmail(dot)com if you wish to attend.

Please bring your own horn or ritual cup, donations of mead/other libations are welcome.

Elk Ridge Kindred practices #inclusiveheathenry and seeks to foster openness and inclusivity both individually and through our religious practices.

Earth Centered Spirituality Service
Sunday, May 14th, 12 PM
At the UUCF

Join members of the Frederick CUUPS community for our monthly Earth Centered Spirituality Service. This time provides an opportunity to focus on the Sixth Source of Unitarian Universalism: “Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.”

Donations welcome but not required

Stitch-N-Witch Crafting Circle
Monday, May 15th, 5 – 7 PM
At the UUCF

Grab your yarn and knitting needles, your crochet hooks or embroidery, your paints or markers or WHATEVER you like to craft with and join the Stitch-n-Witch. Hosted by Eira at the UUCF, this group meets monthly for crafting and conversation.

Got some crafting supplies you know you’re not going to use? The Stitch-n-Witch also offers space for craft supply swapping.

Donations welcome but not required.

Shadow Work Circle
Tuesday, May 16th at 7 PM. Second Tuesday meet-ups resume in June
At the UUCF

Join Renee and others who are doing their own Shadow Work in a safe space for sharing and learning from each other. The Shadow Work Circle meets once a month in a facilitated but not heavily structured meeting. Come prepared to discuss your own work or just to listen and be in community.

Donations welcome but not required

Ritual Oil Blending Workshop
Sunday, May 21st, 6 – 8 PM
At the UUCF

Our sense of smell has a unique way of triggering memories and setting a mood that can bring an extra layer of intentionality into our rituals and daily practices. During this workshop you’ll learn to work with oils (safely) and gemstones to create unique oil blends for grounding, protection, self-love, anxiety relief, or other applications that are easy to use and keep close at hand to help deepen your practice on even the most mundane of days.

Create your own gemstone infused oil blend using recipes and recommendations from the instructor or develop your own unique blend.

Workshop fees cover workbook, 5 ml. roller bottle, carrier oil (fractionated coconut – if sensitivities are present please let the instructor know in advance so they accommodate), various essential oils, and gemstone chips.

*allergen alert* coconut oil, almond oil, and a variety of essential oils

Eventbrite preregistration is required in order to plan for class supplies. Sliding scale prices are available for those facing financial difficulties. Registration closes on May 20th, please register in advance. Register here.

Thargalia Purification Ritual with the Monocacy Mediterranean Pagan Temple
Friday, May 26th at 7 PM
At the UUCF

In ancient Greece, the Divine Twins, Apollon and Artemis, were celebrated annually with the Thargelia, a festival of ritual purification for the whole community. Allow the love of the twins, Apollon Alexikakos (the Ill-Averting) and Artemis Ariste (She Who Brings Excellence), to transform the detritus to divine light.

Join the Monocacy Mediterranean Pagan Temple for our first open ritual. Using elements from history and modern practice, we aim to create a vibrant living tradition based in the polytheistic beliefs of the Mediterranean, including Greek, Roman, Kemetic, Babylonian pantheons, and more.

Donations are welcome, but not required to participate. We will be meeting in the UUCF Chapel at 7PM EST

May Labyrinth Clean-up
Wednesday, May 31st, 6 PM
At the UUCF

Our next Labyrinth walk is Saturday, June 3rd, which means it’s time to tidy up the Labyrinth! If you would like to help, please join us. This service to the community is not glamorous, but it is absolutely vital. With four volunteers, it only takes an hour to do.

Remember to wear clothes you can get dirty in and sunblock/bug spray if you need it 🙂

The most effective way to clear the stones of the Labyrinth is with a string trimmer. If you have one you can bring along, that would be awesome. We also have a few that are available for use. Spades and shears can also be useful for tidying the beds in the Labyrinth courtyard and clearing dirt where it’s piled up on the stones of the Labyrinth.