Beltaine Information and May Schedule Updates

The 2023 Frederick CUUPS Beltaine Ritual is this Saturday, May 6th, at 7 PM at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick.

This year’s ceremony will feature sacred fires as well as a Maypole dance. Drums and other hand percussion are welcome! Learn the chants we will be using in the video below.

A snack/dessert potluck will follow the ritual. Please remember to clearly LABEL your offering with the ingredients in it so folks with food restrictions can make safe choices for themselves.

Donations welcome but not required.

We will be using three chants in our ritual:

“Sacred Way” by Abbi Spinner

We are going to a sacred place
We are now in sacred space
We are living in a state of grace
We are loving in a sacred way

“Earth be Hallowed” by Orion Foxwood

Earth be hallowed, Earth be sweet
Earth be blessed by witches’ feet

“The Circle is Open” by Irene Glasse

The circle, circle is open
But never, never broken

May Schedule Updates

The Shadow Work Circle is meeting on Tuesday, May 16th (rather than May 9th) at 7 PM.

There will be no Reclaiming the Gift of Sacred Movement workshop this month due a schedule conflict.

We have a new addition to the schedule as well:

Thargalia Purification Ritual with the Monocacy Mediterranean Pagan Temple
Friday, May 26th at 7 PM
At the UUCF

In ancient Greece, the Divine Twins, Apollon and Artemis, were celebrated annually with the Thargelia, a festival of ritual purification for the whole community. Allow the love of the twins, Apollon Alexikakos (the Ill-Averting) and Artemis Ariste (She Who Brings Excellence), to transform the detritus to divine light.

Join the Monocacy Mediterranean Pagan Temple for our first open ritual. Using elements from history and modern practice, we aim to create a vibrant living tradition based in the polytheistic beliefs of the Mediterranean, including Greek, Roman, Kemetic, Babylonian pantheons, and more.

Donations are welcome, but not required to participate. We will be meeting in the UUCF Chapel at 7PM EST