Frederick CUUPS Beltane 2015, photo by Cat Szafran

High Holiday Rituals

We gather to celebrate each of the eight holidays, or Sabbats, on the Wheel of the Year, which mark the seasons of the Sun — the Solstices, Equinoxes, and points in between in European traditions. All rituals are family-friendly unless otherwise specified.

Upcoming Rituals:

Saturday, February 3rd, 7:45 pm: Imbolc Ritual
Friday, March 9th, 7 pm: Vanir Blót (Heathen Ceremony)
Friday, March 23rd, 7:45 pm: Ostara Ritual
Saturday, May 5th, 7:45 pm: Beltane Ritual
Saturday, June 23rd, 7:45 pm: Litha Ritual

Altar from a 2016 Earth Service

Earth Centered Spirituality Services

Our Earth-centered Spirituality Group meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 10:30 a.m. in the Chapel.  Our time together provides an opportunity to focus on the Sixth Source of Unitarian Universalism: “Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.” Please visit our calendar page to confirm the time and date of future gatherings.

Upcoming Services:

Sunday, February 11th, 10:30 am
Sunday, March 11th, 10:30 am
Sunday, April 8th, 10:30 am
Sunday, May 13th, 10:30 am
Sunday, June 10th, 11:30 am

Outdoor full moon Labyrinth Walk

Full Moon Labyrinth Walks & Divination Practice

Once a month we gather to enjoy the beauty and peace of the Labyrinth by the light of the full moon. During the warmer months in clear weather, we walk the outdoor Labyrinth at the UUCF.  During the cooler months and in wet weather, we walk an indoor canvas labyrinth in the Chapel.  A Labyrinth Walk is not a ritual with a set start and ending time.  It is an open space where you can come walk the Labyrinth in your own time.  During the latter part of of outdoor Labyrinth walks, hand drumming is welcome.

Divination practice is welcome – please feel free to bring your preferred divinatory tool (runes, tarot, ogham, etc) to practice/trade readings. Or, just stop by for a reading!

Upcoming Full Moon Labyrinth Walks:

Wednesday, January 31st, 6 pm
Thursday, March 1st, 6:30 pm
Saturday, March 31st, 7:30 pm – Blue Moon Potluck!
Sunday, April 29th, 8 pm
Tuesday, May 29th, 8:30 pm
Thursday, June 28th, 8:45 pm

Library Inventory Day
Sunday, January 21st, 3 – 6 pm

Please help us get the new Frederick CUUPS library open for use! Join us to help inventory the collection and get it all into our database. If you have a laptop, tablet or other internet-able device, please bring it along – you’ll be able to enter books into the database directly that way. If you don’t have a device, no worries – we can also write down information manually, then transfer it.

Please feel free to bring snacks along. Guests who would also like to help are welcome.  Facebook event here.

drum circleDark Moon Drum Circle
Monday, March 19th, 6 – 8 pm

Shake off your winter blues, connect with the rhythm and learn some new grooves with percussionist Rachel Elizabeth. The Dark Moon Drum Circle will begin with a brief workshop to help people get comfortable playing together. A drum circle is a celebration of life, community, and music-making in the moment. Please bring hand drums, shakers and other hand percussion. A few small hand drums will be available if you do not have your own.

Mabon Ritual at the 2016 Frederick Pagan Pride Day

Frederick Pagan Pride Day

Frederick CUUPS coordinates and staffs the Frederick, MD, Pagan Pride Day.  FPPD is A public festival and outreach gathering celebrating the diversity of Pagan and Earth-Based beliefs.  The 2018 Festival is Saturday, September 15th.  Visit the website here.





A Midwinter Night’s Dream
Masquerade Ball and Pagan Pride Day Fundraiser

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Masquerade Flyer

Join Frederick CUUPS for a Masquerade Ball as we dance into the night with the Winter Court of Faerie, rulers of the dark season!  Please come in a wintry costume as we revel and celebrate the darkest time of the year with the Good Folk of the Winter Court.  Details here.