CUUPS Library

Welcome! This library has been a labor of love for many people over years, from its start as part of the Open Hearth Foundation in Washington, DC. It was formed initially by books donated to create a resource for local pagans and those who follow or are interested in earth-centered spirituality. After the OHF closed, the library was eventually donated to the Frederick Covenant of Universalist Unitarian PaganS (CUUPS). Over 3,000 books, tarot decks, magazines and other items were transferred to the Universalist Unitarian Congregations of Frederick in August of 2017.

Since then, volunteers have worked to organize the library and incorporate additional materials donated to the library that are in keeping with the six sources of Universalist Unitarianism, expanding it beyond its roots as a resource for pagans.

With the onset of the Novel Coronavirus, the official opening of the new library has been delayed until summer 2020. It is physically located in rooms 124 and 125.

On-line Card Catalog

The contents of the library may be browsed via the web from its on-line card catalog. The catalog is stored using a software tool called “Library Thing”.

The catalog is at Please note that as we prepare for launch, the catalog visible to patrons will become chaotic in March and April, so please stay tuned and bear with us!


Members and friends of the Congregation, as well as members and regular attendees of Frederick CUUPS, may make use of the library. We will be providing cards to fill out when borrowing a book and ask that no more than one book at a time be taken out. These cards contain necessary information for our library volunteers to be able to update the online catalog and also help us know where everything is at any point in time. We require your legal name, a valid phone number and email address where we can reach you but that’s all that’s required!

If you cannot find the cards, tablets of paper will be available in room 124 for recording that you are borrowing a resource.

We do ask that if you remove anything from where it is shelved to please return them to the re-shelving area (currently the same as the book return shelf) in room 124 before leaving.


This library was born and continues to exists because of the contributions of volunteers. They installed the bookcases, loaded the shelves, inventoried the content, and loaded the on-line card catalog. They continue to make this unique collection accessible to the congregation and members of Frederick CUUPS via regular maintenance, updating the catalog, and other activities.

New volunteers are always welcome but right now we are going through some physical maintenance in the library shelves themselves to make more space for better organization and continued growth. If you are interested in volunteering, we will start up again later in September, after Pagan Pride Day has wrapped.

Who to Contact

General questions about the library can be directed via e-mail to the Head Librarian at or the UUCF office at