Masquerade Ball

The 4th Annual Midwinter Night’s Dream
Masquerade Ball and Pagan Pride Day Fundraiser
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Saturday, January 18th, 7 pm – 12 am (Snow date of January 25th)

Join Frederick CUUPS for a Masquerade Ball as we dance into the night with the Winter Court of Faerie, rulers of the dark season!  Please come in a wintry costume as we revel and celebrate the darkest time of the year with the Good Folk of the Winter Court.

Attractions include:

~Winter Faery Market – Vendor information below
~Dancing to Music by The Dapper DJs

~Performance by Tribal Belly Dance Troupe Amandari

~Costume Contest: Best Group, best Unseelie Court faery, best Seelie Court faery, best Winter Faery, best Couple

Faery and Fantasy Attire, Masks or Elaborate Makeup Encouraged

7 pm – 12 am, 21+, BYOB
No entry after 10 pm
$50 till sold out (only 200 available)

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Need overnight accommodations?  Here’s a map of the local hotels.

2019 Winter Faerie Market

The Golden Rose Cakery
The Golden Rose Cakery is a locally owned bakery right in beautiful Frederick MD. Servicing the local Frederick area, as well as the surrounding 30 mile radius, we offer home baked goods made in small batches with great care. We’ll be bringing a selection of delectable treats to make an already enchanting evening even more delightful!

Depth of Light Photography
Depth of Light Photography will be offering posed ‘prom’ photos at the Masquerade Ball!  Make sure to drop by and capture your glorious ensemble.  Depth of Light Photography was founded on the idea that everyone should have lasting mementos of genuine moments, to feel the echoes of that warmth for when those moments have long since passed. For every photoshoot, no matter the subject, Depth of Light makes it a priority to have a fun, comfortable time where creative energy can run free. Photographs always hold a memory that is seen only by the people in it; how you feel and what you do during the photoshoot matters. Sam makes a point to leave you feeling happy, confident, and extraordinary in every shoot, every time.

Unclaimed Treasures
Unclaimed Treasures is a unique collection of handcrafted jewelry, accessories, fantastical oddities, and hand collected vintage and upcycled treasures. Our wares include handcrafted jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, hair accessories, oddities decor and specimans, vintage/modified/upcycled clothing: tops, skirts, leather harnesses & belts.

Weird Girls Club
Weird Girls Club is elated to join the Midwinter Night’s Dream Masquerade Ball this year. Weird Girls Club offers unique gifts for fairies, witches and ghouls. Come stop by their booth and check out their vast selection of pagan jewelry, brooches, lace masks, crystals and more. Also, please follow us on Facebook!

B&C Emporium of Tea
The B&C Emporium of Tea specializes in distinctive looseleaf tea blends for the discerning palate. Discover our Smokestacks, a smoky lapsang souchong with vanilla notes. Hot Toddy is just the thing for the cold months, black tea with the warming flavors of whiskey and ginger. And our cacao shell tisanes, like the marshmallow Mallowmarsh, offer a deep flavor and rewarding taste of chocolate. Also on offer are teacup gift sets, as well as tea-making equipment such as single-use filters and tea balls.

Phoenix & Peacock
Phoenix and Peacock is a blend of Magical Fantasy and Feather handcrafted creations! My product line includes Handmade dragons, sage fans, handmade/homegrown sage bundles & sage sprays. I also sell crystals, tarot decks of the unusual variety, journals and handcrafted feather pens! Please visit to see a small selection of my magical creations!

Tempered Raven
We at Tempered Raven believe a custom blade is more than a pretty display piece – it is a tool. Each piece we craft, regardless if hand-crafted or hand-forged, serves a purpose for its owner and much like any other tool, whether practical or ceremonial, it should be reliable and long lasting; an heirloom passed from one generation to the next. This is why we pour our sweat and tears (and sometimes blood) into each blade until they are hardened and tempered for use and abuse. Just because our blades are tools, doesn’t mean they should not look beautiful, which is why we focus our attention on details like handle material, pins, stippling, or the trueness of each blade. Only by remaining dedicated to the purpose of each piece do we remain true to our craft.

Strike Daekins
Based out of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Strike Daekins has been providing heirloom-quality items for customers around the globe since 2006. Strike Daekins is a small, artisan-owned business, specializing in historically inspired fashions, and Celtic handfasting clothes for weddings and other special occasions. All items are entirely handcrafted. Each item takes on a shape and a life of its own, creating a truly unique and high-quality item.


Wizards Tower
We are Artisans & Purveyors of unique high-quality essentials for working magic; clothing, jewelry, magic wands and accessories. Kevin & Jim have been serving the needs of the Community for over 10 years. We are specialists to the Intermediate & Advanced Magical & Ritual Practitioners. Specifically, Kevin makes hand-carved wooden spoons and other treeware, magic wands and other specialty wood products; and Jim makes 4 styles of capes, tarot card/sacred object bags and messenger bags, altar cloths, ritual shawls and stoles, drawstring pants, Wizard/Witches Robes, Traveling Cloaks and 3 styles of ceremonial vests. Jim specializes in Garb and Ritual Garments for men. Both men also create a line of unique Celtic/Wiccan/Pagan jewelry.