New Year’s Day Purification Ritual Going Online

Due to the rising rates of the Omicron variant, we are shifting our Purification Ritual to an online format.

New Year’s Day Purification Ritual
Saturday, January 1st, 7 PM

On Zoom

Enter 2022 from a centered place of peace. Release the energies of the last year and set a harmonious tone for the year to come. Join us for a livestreamed ritual on Zoom. During this ritual, you will journey through the Elements, releasing the shadows of 2021 as you go. Elemental Guides will support you as you move into the energy of a new year. End your Purification journey with a time of meditation to receive any messages for the New Year.

Supply list:

~Box of tissues (just in case)
~One stone per participant
~A sprig of evergreen or other plant
~Incense & holder or scented object of your choice
~A feather, fan, or other wafting tool
~One candle in a holder
~A small piece of paper and pen for each participant
~A cauldron or other heatproof bowl
~A bowl of warm water and a hand towel
~Journaling supplies

Facebook event here. Zoom link here.


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