Samhain Ritual Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night is the Frederick CUUPS Samhain ritual. Rather than a linear ritual that follows a pattern we all engage with at the same time, our ritual is a virtual place of stillness, remembrance, reflection, and release that will be held from 7 to 9 PM. The ritual offering is drop-in – you are welcome to stay as long as you would like. You can use the ritual as a time of contemplation or as background to a Dumb Supper or other personal ritual.

There will be three sacred spaces we are working this Samhain. The first is a Releasing Fire. If you would like to release a shadow or an obstacle to growth from this past season, please write/draw that energy onto a piece of paper. Drop off your releasing item, in a sealed envelope labeled ‘FCUUPS SAMHAIN’ (these will never be opened) prior to 4 PM tomorrow at:

4880 Elmer Derr Road

Frederick, MD 21703

Our Releasing Fire Guide will burn these letters, sprinkling purifying herbs in between each, over the course of the ritual. They will not be opened or read. EVER.

The second space is an Ancestral Fire. Our Guides at the Ancestral Fire will be speaking aloud the names of the beloved dead we wish to honor, accompanying each name with an offering of grain. If you would like us to honor an Ancestor for you, please email that name to OR simply write the name into the chat window during the streaming ritual.

The third space is an Ancestral Altar. Our Guide there will be holding space and sharing the feed of our beautiful altar.

Here is the Zoom link.


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